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Hierdie baie interesante onderwerp handel oor Outo-imuun siektes. Die eerste inskrywing is ‘n bewusmakingsveldtog oor die groeiende siekte toestand wat so baie lyers en hulle gesinne beinvloed. Hierdie Blog se inskrywing is slegs die inlyding waarin ‘n algemene oorsig oor die siekte beskryf word en ‘n baie vlugtige verduideliking oor wat lyers en hulle geliefdes deurgaan met die vertelling van persoonlike ondervindings. Ons gaan Outo-immuun siektes gereeld opdateer waar ons dan die siektes gaan bespreek as deel van ‘n bewusmakingsveldtog. Lees meer….



Our next topic Bees-And-Things, again only an awareness campaign on the extinction of bees.  We have regular updated  facts and snippets about honey, bees and plants revolving around this topic. Lees meer…..



Kruiegoed is our section in the Blog were we give tips regarding gardening and selfsufficiency. Read more…..                                  


Natural Resources

“Natural resources are resources that exist without any actions of humankind. This includes all valued characteristics such as magnetic, gravitational, electrical properties and forces, etc. On Earth, it includes sunlight, atmosphere, water, land (includes all minerals) along with all vegetation, crops, and animal life that naturally subsists upon or within the previously identified characteristics and substances.”           

( Credit to

– Yet another one of Bosvrou (Pty) Ltd ’s actions to preserve natural resources through awareness. In this Blog entry category we will touch on different resources with every update. Read more…..

 Ontmoet vir Bismarck…

Hierdie is  tong-in-die-kies grepies oor hierdie klein energieke skepseljie wat ons huishouding daagliks vermaak. Dit sal ook soos met die ander Blogs gereeld opgedateer word. Lees meer…..