We care



Bosvrou (Pty) Ltd is synonymous with caring and  conservation. It is also our duty, privilege and pleasure to be part of immediate community service and projects.

Bosvrou (Pty) Ltd is part of the media, therefore we use this platform to raise public awareness of various organizations. There is a variety to choose from and there is always a need and choice where one can share and connect. Going forward, we will update this with other needy organizations.

(To research and support some of these fifteen organizations, click on the organization you are interested in and the link will take you directly to their website with a new tab. There are clear contact details and other information you need to share or contribute.)


 Bosvrou (Pty) Ltd only supports and is not at all linked  nor the spokesperson of any of the above charity organizations. We have no other contact other than what appears on the organization’s website.